Theatres is the future, both as a creative artist and when you speak to him for any length of time. "Being 'misunderstood' is so frivolously overused, but… I'm misunderstood", says self proclaimed alien, Theatres. "In what was crippling loneliness, I found music, I found the only place I didn't try to be understood, I found a way back in.”

Theatres is part House, part DubStep, part Electropop, and part lots of other things. The UK bred and future obsessed artist refuses to stay in one place, saying, "When the future was being made centuries ago, those making it didn't stay stuck in their ways, or the ways of others. Now the future is here, even after seeing the fruits of those who were bullied and mocked and killed while creating the future, we continue to make it hard for those among us to do what they were born to do.” A passionate Theatres adds, "My music is born from pain and restlessness, it's born from hope and confidence that the future is a better place.” When asked how he knew it would be a better place, he finished by saying, "That's the exciting part, we get to create it, we get to inspire and light incredible fires. Why would we create something worse than what we already have.”

'Everything You Almost Never Said', the debut EP by Theatres, hits us all late Summer 2019. The small sample sized project features three anthems about unity, beauty, and a man who just wants to be himself. "I guess the message is to not leave anything unsaid, if you love someone, tell them, if you need help, ask for it" - Theatres on the EP.

If inFrench.recordings is the body, then Theatres is its eyes, seeing only forward, being the loudest beacon ushering the future in.


Everything You Almost Never Said - EP