NEWS: Mauvey Drops 3rd EP 'Mauvey Mauve' to Complete Trilogy 09.10.19

Today, inFrench.recordings artist, Mauvey, drops 3rd EP not-so-narcissistically titled ‘Mauvey Mauve’ - but this time, with an all up in your face hip hop twist.

‘Mauvey Mauve’ is the perfect grand finale to ‘A Trilogy in Mauve’, the 3 part art piece made up of ‘Whole Hive Mauve’ and ‘Fables in Mauve’ - EP’s both released earlier this week.

Mauvey’s approach to hip hop isn’t subtle. With dream boat beats, and his unique laid back tone - this project deserves to be listened to anytime, anywhere - until you take the time to unravel the onset of lyrical metaphors that are about to come at you, that is. Uncovering Mauvey song by song isn’t easy, and ‘It’s not supposed to be’, he boldly states. The multi genre defying artists bares all at every word and every breath with confrontation that leaves even us feeling some type of way.

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