NEWS: Mauvey Drops Surprise 2nd EP 'Whole Hive Mauve' 08.10.19

Mauvey’s at it again.

With a quick (24 hour) follow-up, Mauvey surprises us not once, not even twice, but 4 more times with 4 new tracks from his peppy second EP, ‘Whole Hive Mauve’ on 08.10.19.

The latest EP beams production. Recovering from a track like ‘Rook’ has been confirmed difficult - with its sudden drops, clean space, and haunting yet romantic vocals - we think we are actually madly in love. In fact, we can’t leave out any track on this mini project: Orphelia hits happy heavy, Blush bangs best, and Flowers flips our feathers finely taking us straight to the front pew and then right on to the pulpit.

All in all, ‘Whole Hive Mauve’ hits the spot that we didn’t even know needed hitting - and that’s a total thrill.

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